This code is based on the work of Jeff Breeden and Mikel Irurita.

This script Generates an extra line of discount or expense.

Add either a fixed amount or e percentage.

Conditions: The volume of the product, the date and if the customer is recognized.

How to get it to work:

1. Go into Administration->Maintenance and select Resources

2. Create a new resource and name it script.autotag

Add this to the script.autotag Edit

// This code is based on the work of Jeff Breeden and Mikel Irurita.

// This i Version 1.0, revision 1.

import com.openbravo.format.Formats;

import com.openbravo.pos.ticket.TicketLineInfo;

import com.openbravo.pos.ticket.TicketProductInfo;

import java.lang.Math;

import java.util.*;

import java.text.*;

index = sales.getSelectedIndex();

if (index >= 0) {

    line = ticket.getLine(index);

    double crv = Double.parseDouble(line.getProperty("CRV", "0"));

        if (crv != 0) {

            itm = line.getProperty("ITEM", "0");

            double moms = Double.parseDouble(line.getProperty("MOMS", "0"));

                if (moms != 0) {

                    ticket.insertLine(index + 1,

                    new TicketLineInfo(

                    "* " + itm,





                    sales.setSelectedIndex(index + 1);

                } else {

                    ticket.insertLine(index + 1,

                    new TicketLineInfo(

                    "* " + itm,





                    sales.setSelectedIndex(index + 1);


        } else {

// Discoint module

            double antal = Double.parseDouble(line.getProperty("RABATANTAL", "0"));

            if (antal > 0 && (antal <= line.getMultiply()) ) {

                double foralle = Double.parseDouble(line.getProperty("FORALLE", "0"));

                medlem = ticket.getCustomer();

                    if ( foralle == 1 || medlem != null ) {

                        Date cal = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();

                        String str_date= (String)line.getProperty("INDEN_DATO", "0");

                        DateFormat formatter ;

                        formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy");

                        dato = (Date)formatter.parse(str_date);


                            if (tidl) {

                                double procent = Double.parseDouble(line.getProperty("PROCENT", "0"));

                                sdiscount = Formats.PERCENT.formatValue(procent/100);

                                itm = line.getProperty("TEKST", "0");


                                ticket.insertLine(index + 1,

                                    new TicketLineInfo(

                                    "* " + itm + " " + sdiscount,



                                    -line.getPrice () * procent / 100,


                                sales.setSelectedIndex(index + 1);






3. Save the script (by exiting)

Add this to the resource Ticket.Buttons Edit

and add this line just above the </configuration> line:

<event key="ticket.change" code="script.autotag"/>

5. Save (by exiting), and restart.

Add this specifically formatted XML to your products "notes" Edit

Put this XML into the Note field of any product.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">


// Method 1: Add an extra line with a fixed amount to the receipt.

 <entry key="CRV">25.00</entry>

 <entry key="ITEM">Extra handling cost</entry>

 <entry key="MOMS">1</entry>

// The parameters:

// CRV - the amount (without tax) to add to the line (use real number, may even be negative)

// ITEM - the text to put in the line (an * is adde to indicate an automated line). Max 25 characters.

// MOMS - If 1, TAX is added to the amount, 0 no TAX is added

// Method 2: Add an extra line to the receipt if you buy a number of the same product (volume discount).

 <entry key="RABATANTAL">2</entry>

 <entry key="TEKST">Mængderabat</entry>

 <entry key="PROCENT">10</entry>

 <entry key="FORALLE">1</entry>

 <entry key="INDEN_DATO">29-12-2011</entry>

// The parameters:

// RABATANTAL - number of items to trigger discount. May be 0 (no discount), 1 (discount on any volumen), 2 and up ...

// TEKST - the text that is put in the receipt. A leading * and a trailing discount % is added

// PROCENT - the discount percentage. Use a real number from 0.00 to 99.99 (or even 100 if item is free)

// FORALLE - 1 if discount is available for every customer. 0 if only registered customers may get the discount

// INDEN_DATO - the discount is used until the start (the day entered is NOT included in the discount interval) of this day. Date format: dd-MM-yyyy

// If date is set to 28-12-2011 the discount period terminates by the 27-12-2011 at 23:59


NOTE: Your XML must be correctly entered into each products Note field. IF you make mistakes, the product will trigger a script error.

When deleting items from the receipt, always delete the product line first, then the automated (*) line.

this is the link for the module

Here are some comments about this module

Good luck

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